Friday, 8 May 2015

When We Were Sisters - Beth Miller

"‘I never think of Laura as my step-sister, but that’s what she is.’
Once they were the best of friends, inseparable as only teenage girls can be.
That is until Miffy’s Jewish father runs off with Laura’s Catholic mother and both of their families imploded – as well as Laura’s intense relationship with Miffy’s brother...
Twenty years on, they’re all about to meet again…"

A complicated tale of family, friendship and divorce, I found Beth Miller's novel an easy read, with highly relatable characters. The pain of a divorce is captured perfectly and shown through the eyes of both Miffy and Danny, whose father leaves their family to set up home with Laura's mother. Laura, whose father left years before, doesn't seem to understand why Miffy and Danny feel the way they do, and the story of their reconciliation is both touching and upsetting in places. 

I liked Laura, but also disliked her in some places - she is funny and sarcastic, but also manipulative and more concerned with her own feelings than others around her, however it's more that she's not perfect, than that she is malicious. I felt for Miffy - put in an awkward situation on more than one occasion by Laura, and also in turn by Laura's husband, she is portrayed as fairly naive and innocent. 

This was a touching novel, with a hint of scandal, and one that I would recommend - if (like me), you are a child of divorce then the characters are easy to relate to, and the subject matter is handled in a very sensitive way. 

When We Were Sisters is out now and you can get it here:

**Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC**

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