Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just The Way You Are - Lynsey James

"Dear Ava,
How do you start writing a letter to someone, six years after breaking their heart? 
Ava is unlucky in love as well as in life. The new office bitch has landed the dating column Ava wanted, and she can't remember the last time she had a second date. It's a good thing she has best friends Max and Gwen to pick up the pieces. 
Deep down, Ava knows the reason why one date never turns into two – she's in love with someone else. Someone she's never even met. 
It all started six years ago, with a letter from a secret admirer, Mr Writer... but then they suddenly stopped and Ava was heartbroken. 

Now the letters have started again and Ava knows it could mean winning back the dating column at work. This time she's determined to unmask Mr Writer... and find out once and for all if he's Mr Right or Mr Very Definitely Wrong!"

After being stuck in crime-thriller rut for ages, I've found my chick-lit mojo and I'm loving it right now. This was a brilliantly funny novel of love, friendship, loss and a little bit of confusion in some places! Lynsey James has created some lovely, warm, down-to-earth characters, that I could really relate to. There are two love stories for the price of one - Ava and her "Mr Writer" and the love story between Ivy and Leo - I raced through the book in one sitting to find out what was going to happen. 

There are a couple of grotty characters, (I defy ANYONE to want to befriend Amira). which adds to the whole scenario, and Ava's experiences with the fellas that she tracks down while looking for Mr Writer had me roaring with laughing in places. The only thing that I didn't really like was the way Max referred to Ava throughout as "munchkin" - but then I don't think that Ava really liked that either!

This was a perfect Bank Holiday read, a gorgeously warm, funny double love story - I highly recommend it!

Just The Way You Are is out now and you can get it here:

**Many thanks to the publisher for my ARC**

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