Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We Are All Made Of Stars - Rowan Coleman

"Do not miss me, because I will always be with you…I am the air, the moon, the stars. For we are all made of stars, my beloved... Wherever you look, I will be there.
Stella Carey exists in a world of night. Married to a soldier who has returned from Afghanistan injured in body and mind, she leaves the house every evening as Vincent locks himself away, along with the secrets he brought home from the war. 
During her nursing shifts, Stella writes letters for her patients to their loved ones - some full of humour, love and practical advice, others steeped in regret or pain – and promises to post these messages after their deaths.
Until one night Stella writes the letter that could give her patient one last chance at redemption, if she delivers it in time…"

Months and months after finishing Rowan's last book, The Memory Book, I thought I was finally emotionally recovered enough to read this. Turns out I was wrong. Yet another beautifully written novel that pulls you in and tugs on your heartstrings until you're bawling like a baby - and I LOVED it. The many strands of this story are all woven together beautifully, and the characters are REAL people - people who you could pass every day on the street. But the thing that stands out for me are the letters. Stella works in a hospice and when patients are nearing the end of their lives they ask Stella to write them a letter to their loved ones - at the end of each chapter, there is a letter. The letters are what turn this novel from a 4 star read to a 5 star. They are what made my original review notes just read "THE LETTERS. OH GOD, THE LETTERS". They are what made me message Rowan to tell her that once again, she had RUINED me. They are, quite simply, beautiful, heartfelt, honest and probably the most heartbreaking thing I've read (since The Memory Book). An absolute, top-notch, 5 star read that really does make you believe that we are, indeed, all made of stars. 

We Are All Made Of  Stars is out now and you can get it here (and I really think you should):
**Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC**

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