Monday, 22 June 2015

River of Souls - Kate Rhodes

"Jude Shelley, daughter of a prominent cabinet minister, had her whole life ahead of her until she was attacked and left to drown in the Thames. Miraculously, she survived. A year later, her family ask psychologist Alice Quentin to re-examine the case. 
But then an elderly priest is attacked in Battersea, his body washed up at Westminster Pier. An ancient glass bead is tied to his wrist. 
The river has always demanded sacrifices, and now it seems a killer believes it's calling out for more.
Alice is certain that Jude and her family are hiding something, but unless she can persuade them to share what they know, more victims will drown…"

I'm not too sure how Kate Rhodes has slipped through my bookish net until now, because this is really, really good. Book 4 in the Alice Quentin series, I read River of Souls not realising that it was part of a series, however, although there is some references to previous cases, it can easily be read as a standalone and the references that are made don't give away any spoilers.

I loved the setting for this novel - it's set in London, on various sites of the Thames, but there is nothing better than reading a novel with recognisable landmarks, and getting that, "I know that place!" feeling, it only enhanced the reading experience more for me. 

Alice Quentin is brilliant - she's a tough professional, and although there are a few issues going on in her life, there isn't the usual idea that all tough female characters have to be emotionally detached/man haters/completely screwed up or any of the other weird hangups that so often occur in books where the main character is an independent female. 

I did guess the killer in this case, but there were lots of lovely red herrings to throw the reader off the scent - and now I'm off to go back and read the previous three in the series, (is there anything better than finding out there are more in the series??!), I recommend you do too.

River of Souls is out now and you can get it here:

**Many thanks to the publisher for my ARC**

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