Monday, 27 April 2015

The Corpse Role - Keith Nixon

"Not everything that gets buried stays buried... sometimes things have a nasty habit of resurfacing… When the body of a security van driver implicated in an unsolved £1.2 million heist turns up in a shallow grave two years later it’s just the beginning for Detective Inspector Charlotte Granger. She embarks on an investigation that takes her into dangerous territory – a world of dirty cops, dodgy private investigators, local villains and nosy journalists. Meanwhile events from Granger's own past are threatening to come back and haunt her…"

This was a fast paced police procedural that hooked me from the first page - gangsters, a heist and a good dollop of corruption - what's not to love? It's a hard book to review without giving too much away as there is a cracking good twist at the very end of the novel, one that I didn't see coming at all in a million years. And it's a bloody good twist, one that I've never read before and that has added an extra star to my review! The characters are well written, although (without ruining the plot) it turns that maybe not everybody and everything is as they appear to be. There are some brilliant characters - nasty evil villains, gangsters, corrupt police that are as filthy as they come - and these, combined with a fast-paced plot and an excellent twist makes for a definite 4 star read for me.

The Corpse Role is out now and you can get it here:

**Thanks to the publisher and lovely Liz Barnsley for my copy** 

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