Sunday, 19 April 2015

Don't Turn Around - Caroline Mitchell

"You don't know him. But he knows you... As D.C. Jennifer Knight investigates a routine stabbing in the quiet town of Haven, she is shocked at what seems like a personal message from beyond the grave. When more bodies are found, Jennifer is convinced the killings are somehow linked. What she discovers is more chilling than she could possibly imagine. The murders mirror those of the notorious Grim Reaper - from over twenty years ago. A killer her mother helped convict. Jennifer can no longer ignore the personal connection. Is there a copycat killer at work? Was the wrong man convicted? Or is there something more sinister at play ... With her mother's terrifying legacy spiralling out of control, Jennifer must look into her own dark past in a fight not only to stop a killer - but to save herself and those she loves."

I love anything to do with the paranormal and ghosty bits, so I was looking forward to reading this. It didn't disappoint - Caroline has created a brilliant main character in Jennifer, a detective who also has a bit of psychic ability, whether she likes it or not. With a plot that twists and turns, I loved the fact that although I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen I never actually seemed to get it right - always a good sign! 

Jennifer and Will's relationship was another aspect of the novel that I really enjoyed - there's plenty of banter between them and I was hoping for a little bit of a love story to get worked in there too, although obviously not too much - we are talking about battling a serial killer ;)

Having read Caroline's previous book, Paranormal Intruder, which is a true story, I knew that Caroline had first hand experience of paranormal goings-on and that made the whole other-worldly part of the novel even more convincing to read.

In short, Don't Turn Around gets 5 stars from me - a fantastically spooky crime thriller which doesn't fail to hook the reader from the first page. Don't Turn Around is out now and you can get it here:

**Thank you to lovely Kim Nash at Bookouture for my ARC**


  1. Great review! I loved this book. Can't wait for the next one! x

  2. Thank you Lisa for this fab review, I'm so pleased you enjoyed Don't Turn Around and thank you for giving a mention to the inspiration behind it. :-)