Friday, 13 February 2015

Runner - Patrick Lee

"Sam Dryden was done being a hero. But when, acting on instinct, he hides a terrified young girl from a group of well-armed pursuers, his fate is sealed.

Eleven-year-old Rachel can't remember much, but she knows she was imprisoned by the men trying to kill her. And that she is important to them.

In Dryden, though, Rachel has found the perfect protector.

An ex-soldier with the kind of elite military career he's not at liberty to talk about, Dryden's a man well versed in secrets, and driven to do what's right. But hunted and on the run, it's only as Rachel's memory returns that Dryden begins to fully appreciate the scale of the dangers they face. And then only one thing matters:

Don't. Get. Caught."

I finished this book last night and by the time I was done I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED, (not just because it was the middle of the night). This book was fabulous - it hooked me in from the very first page, where hero Sam first meets Rachel. What followed was a complete non-stop roller coaster that hurtled through pages and pages of non-stop action.

It is a very well-written book and the characters were perfect - I loved the people I was supposed too, hated the people I was supposed and some of the characters just made your heart bleed a little bit. Sam is a great hero - think Jack Reacher style hero! - but Patrick Lee manages to write him without making him come across as completely unrealistic. Four stars from me for Runner - I highly recommend it if you are a Lee Child/Jack Reacher fan you'll love it.

Runner is out now and you can get it here:

*I was very kindly given an ARC by Eve at Penguin *

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