Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Disclaimer - Renée Knight

"Finding a mysterious novel at her bedside plunges documentary filmmaker Catherine Ravenscroft into a living nightmare. Though ostensibly fiction, The Perfect Stranger recreates in vivid, unmistakable detail the terrible day she became hostage to a dark secret, a secret that only one other person knew—and that person is dead.

Now that the past is catching up with her, Catherine’s world is falling apart. Her only hope is to confront what really happened on that awful day . . . even if the shocking truth might destroy her".

OK, so I'm a little bit early in posting my review for this, as it's not actually published until April 9th, BUT I just couldn't hold it in anymore! This is a seriously creepy story. Imagine picking up a book from your nightstand and realising that it's actually been written about YOU, and about something in your past that you really, reeeeeeeeally want to keep secret. Scary, no? 

I was on tenterhooks the entire time I was reading, and swung wildly from loving characters, to hating them and back again. Knight's way of leaking out tiny bits of information at a time (and even then the information that she gives you isn't always what you think it is), meant that I could not stop reading - I HAD to find out what had happened to Catherine, why she wanted to keep it a secret and where did the other characters come into it all? Is everything really as straightforward as it seems? 

This was a definite 4.5 stars from me - the fact that it made me neglect everything else around me for two days says it all - an excellent plot with plenty of creepy twists and turns, some really loathable characters to get fired up about and a brilliant twist at the end. Read it, people.

Disclaimer is out on 9th April and you can get it here:

*Thanks to the lovely Alison Barrow at Transworld Books for my proof copy*

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