Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What Remains - Tim Weaver

When all has been lost what is there left to find?
Colm Healy used to be one of the Met's best detectives. Until, haunted by the unsolved murders of a mother and her twin daughters, his life was left in ruins. His failure to find an elusive killer - or even a motive for such a merciless crime - consumed him, his career and his family.
Missing persons investigator David Raker is the only friend Healy has left. The only one who understands that redemption rests on solving these murders. As they reopen the investigation together, Raker learns the hard way how this case breeds obsession - and how an unsolvable puzzle can break even the best detective.
Their search will take them down a trail of darkness, unravelling a thread of tragedy spanning years, and will force them to sacrifice everything they have left . . .

There are a handful of authors who, when they release a new book, I just go out and buy it. I don't read the blurb and I don't check out any reviews because I am 99% confident that they won't let me down and Tim Weaver is one of those authors. What Remains absolutely DID NOT let me down. I am a big Raker fan and was hoping that Tim Weaver could create another brilliant scenario for David Raker to fix.
A brilliant plot takes hold straight away - it's hard to review without giving away any spoilers! - but there are plenty of twists and turns. If, like me, you've followed Raker and Healy from the beginning I've no doubt you will be shrieking and gasping as much as I was, but if you haven't its no bother - What Remains is written in such a way that you don't need to have read the previous books in the series (although I guarantee that if this is your first Raker novel, you'll want to go back and read them all). 
I had absolutely NO clue who was behind everything that goes on in the novel, and the final plot twist was FANTASTIC - surely no one could ever see it coming?
An amazingly twisty-turny 5 star read, if you haven't discovered David Raker yet then I think it's time you did.
What Remains is out now and you can get it here:

**Many thanks to the publisher for my ARC**

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  1. This sounds fantastic! Will need to keep an eye out, thanks for reviewing.