Friday, 10 July 2015

Too Close to Home - Susan Lewis

"Jenna and Jack Moore have moved their family to Wales for a fresh start. For vivacious, happy-go-lucky fifteen-year-old Paige the future is full of promise. 
But suddenly everything changes. Paige becomes more and more withdrawn. The closeness she once shared with her mother a distant memory. 
It then becomes clear that Jack has secrets too. Preoccupied with her younger children, her husband’s fidelity and their fledgling publishing company, Jenna doesn’t realise the extent of her eldest daughter’s unhappiness until the unthinkable happens.
And the nightmare is only just beginning…"

This was an excellent read, and one that tugged at my heartstrings completely. Focussing on Jenna, I really felt for her - her husband has a ton of secrets, and so does her daughter and it seemed like Jenna was the one left juggling all the balls in the air. As a mum, I found Jenna's emotional reactions to events very easy to relate to - and in some places very awkward, especially as parts of the book include events that can only be a mother's worst nightmare. 

I haven't read Susan Lewis before, but if her other books are any thing like Close To Home I will certainly be searching them out - her plot line moves at a decent pace, her characters are well rounded and her writing is excellent - the descriptions of the Welsh landscape on this novel are truly lovely and make setting the scene so much easier for the reader.

Too Close to Home is out now and you can get it here:

**Many thanks to the LoveReading guys and the publisher for my copy**

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