Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Meet me in Manhattan - Claudia Carroll

"In a New York minute, everything can change …
You don’t mess with aspiring journalist Holly Johnson! The man she fell for is not all that he seems – because sometimes dating online doesn’t quite go to plan. She’s decided to fly to the Big Apple to surprise him and to get some answers. And if her plan works she’ll also get the scoop of her career …
But as she steps out of her yellow taxi and the first snowflakes start to fall, it’s Holly who has the surprise of her life.
What should be a dream come true is looking a little like a nightmare. But Holly is determined to get her New York happy ending!"

This is such a lovely read - and perfect as it's just in time for Christmas! A lovely, warm chick lit novel, with very likeable characters and a slightly unusual plot. This isn't your average boy-meets-girl chick lit story - I loved the plot, which although it was fairly slow to start with, it soon took off and had me racing through the pages. 
I LOVED Holly - she is so likeable and easy to relate to, I could easily imagine being friends with her. I was rooting for her to find her happy-ever-after, and was totally sucked in to her scheme of heading to New York to catch her catfish. The other characters are also easy to relate to - although some are more likeable than others! - and there are some brilliant emotional scenes between the characters that really add to the storyline. 

A really enjoyable read, one that has got me set up for more Christmas reads - it is nearly that time after all!

Meet Me in Manhattan is out on 5th November and you can get it here:

**My thanks to the publisher for my ARC**

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