Monday, 30 March 2015

What Katie Ate At The Weekend - Katie Quinn Davies

"What Katie Ate: At the Weekend takes favourite recipes from Katie Quinn Davies' wildly successful blog, along with many never-seen-before recipes, and presents them in this gorgeous book filled with Katie's unique and beautiful photography. She shares her inspiring ideas for informal get-togethers, whether it be for a couple or a crowd. Entice your guests with Katie's refreshing take on flavour-packed pizzas, salads, tapas, cocktails and decadent desserts."

There is nothing a book-reviewing cake baker loves more than to receive a cook book in the post for review. There was plenty of excited squealing going on at Hall Farm when What Katie Ate at the Weekend hit the mat. 
Choc-ful of delicious, tempting recipes from breakfast right through to yummy desserts and even cocktails, I couldn't wait to get started on some of the recipes. Although a few of the receipts do use slightly unusual ingredients that may be difficult to get hold of, I am a "tweaking" cook anyway (and I know, I KNOW, that often sticking to the recipe is best, but sometimes you have NO OPTION!), so anything I couldn't get I kind of tweaked and subbed other bits for it. 
With three children and a husband to feed, none of whom all want to eat the same thing on any one evening, Katie's Truffle Burgers with creamy mushrooms and pancetta went down a storm (and anything that they will ALL clear their plates for is a HUGE hit in my kitchen), my burgers lacked the necessary truffle salt (too many children to spend time tracking down truffle salt) but it really didn't matter. Every child (including the husband) cleared the lot in record time - a success by anyones standards. The Pork Ragu, whilst time consuming is also worth the wait, and my attempt at Katie's Limoncello Victoria Sponge with Balsamic Strawberries didn't last much more than a half hour on the serving plate. A cook book that is a joy to use, and that I will definitely be returning to again and again!

What Katie Ate At The Weekend is out on 9th April and you can get it here:

**Many, many thanks to Salt Yard Books for my review copy**

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