Sunday, 25 January 2015

Alice Brown's Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating and Could it be I'm falling in Love? - Both by Eleanor Prescott

"Alice Brown is a professional matchmaker, and as far as she’s concerned, she’s got the best job in the world. What could be better than helping others find love (even if she’s single herself)…?
Alice’s latest client at the Table For Two dating agency is Kate. Kate’s already five years behind in her life plan and knows exactly what she wants in a man. But might that be the problem? Will anyone measure up to Kate’s standards?
And then there’s Audrey, Alice’s misguided boss from hell, who has somehow managed to bag herself the perfect husband. But all is not what it seems, and when work and love lives collide, will anyone be able to take Alice’s advice?"

"This Valentine’s Day, Roxy Squires is waiting for the phone to ring…
Roxy is famous. At least, she used to be. She’s a good-time TV presenter, and OK, so things haven’t been going so well recently, but her big break is just around the corner. What she’s really looking for is someone to propel her back to the big time.
Enter Woody, one-time pop star and Roxy’s ultimate dream date, now working as her window cleaner. He’s the answer to her prayers – but for some reason, he doesn’t want to be famous. 
And it turns out they’re not the only celebs in the village. Roxy’s living amongst a motley crew of former stars and fame survivors, who meet weekly to discuss their new lives. Is this the reality check Roxy needs? Or maybe it’s a chance to do the unthinkable and fall in love…?"

Eleanor very kindly sent me both of her books as a prize a couple of weeks ago, and seeing as I have mired myself in psychological thrillers for weeks and weeks, this weekend turned into a chick-lit fest. I am a fan of chick-lit, but I am a bit fussy about it. I like my chick-lit heroines to be tough. We all know in this genre the girl always gets the guy - but I kind of like to think that they don't really NEED the guy. Neither of these novels disappointed! 
I read 'Alice' first - an absolute delight to read! Every character was so well written, and chances are you will have come across people like these guys in your everyday life, which always makes things easier to relate to.  It was a beautiful novel with lots of little love stories running alongside each other - now I just need Eleanor to write a sequel so I can catch up with some of the characters (no pressure!).
The rest of my weekend has been taken up with Eleanor's second novel. A very different read to her first, much more funny and our heroine is far more feisty than Alice. It was another very enjoyable, easy read, and although I didn't really care for Roxy in the beginning by the end I LOVED her. There was a cheeky little twist in there at the end that I didn't see coming, and I loved that the end of book included a little paragraph on what everybody was up to, after the finale of the book. 
Two perfect novels for a bit of light relief, after lots of gruesome crime novels, perfect for the beach or when you just need something light and refreshing to read. Eleanor Prescott, I think you might be my new favourite chick-lit lady. 

Both books are out now and you can get them here:

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