Monday, 22 February 2016

The Girls in the Woods - Helen Phifer

"In an old album there is a beautiful Victorian photo that captures three young sisters, staring silently at one another. Only the trained eye can see the truth hiding in plain view. One of the sisters is already dead.
Annie Ashworth is currently off duty. With her baby bump growing fast, she is under strict instructions to stay away from police work and look after herself, especially as she has a history of leading danger right to her door. So when her police officer husband, Will, is called to the discovery of a skeleton buried out in the local woods, Annie tries to keep out of the investigation. But as another body is discovered and her own niece suddenly goes missing, staying away just isn’t an option.
As Annie is soon to discover, a picture really does tell a thousand stories. But which one leads to a killer?"

I love this series SO MUCH - Annie is a brilliant character, one that I warmed to straight away in book one and I love that we get to keep coming back to her over and over again. Things are, as always, fast paced for Annie and Will, and despite the fact that Annie is pregnant she can't help but get drawn in to the goings-on that Will is working on, even more so when her psychic ability comes into play and she is visited by the ghost of a dead girl.
This is a brilliant read, with a properly sinister killer - one who could be your next door neighbour but hides a gruesome secret. I really enjoyed the read and was quite prepared for the ending when Helen threw out a MASSIVE twist - one that I never would have seen coming in a million years - a twist that really elevates the story to whole other level. Brilliant. I can't wait for the next one.

The Girls In The Woods is out now and you can get it here:

**My thanks to the publisher for my ARC**

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